Bolsonaro intends to fight deaths with more deaths

Brazilian president signs decree facilitating access to guns and supporters celebrate by signaling guns with their hands (Photo by Agência Brasil)

One in every 4 homicides committed in the world happens in Latin America. More precisely among Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela, according to data from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in 2018. Another United Nations (UN) report, from the same period, points out that Latin America concentrates 8% of the population worldwide and accounts for 37% of homicides committed in the world. In Brazil, between 2001 and 2015, there were 786,870 homicides, 70% of which were caused by firearms. In 2017, the country reached a rate of 31.6 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants. For comparison, in…

May It be infinite while it lasts

(Photo by Eduardo Sánchez/Unsplash)

What comes to your mind with the word marriage? In health and disease, until death do you part. Right? It might be. The idea of ​​marriage is something mystical, built-in us since we started listening to bedtime stories. Of course, if you are a girl raised in the Disney model of education for princesses. Those same ones who are awaiting the prince to arrive on a horse. At least until recently, when this model did not used to be questioned.

However, the conversation here is not to criticize the children’s entertainment industry. That has been saving parents for decades worldwide…

War against COVID-19 adds to urban war in Rio de Janeiro

Summer, heat, masks, pandemic and surveillance. (Photo by GM-Rio)

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brazil, like the rest of the world, has turned its focus to it. The political ailments faced by the country, as well as the total lack of control on behalf of the president of the republic, continue to share space in the press with the growing number of dead. Unfortunately, these problems add up to other old ones, which are also far from a solution. Here, in this case, I remember the violence in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where police operations in slums are prohibited due to the pandemic. …

It takes two to tango

The furniture at home was never the same, and our lives too. (Photo by Vivianne Chagas)

I want a dog. “You are crazy”. I know people who have one even living in a flat. “I do not think it is a good idea”. But. “We do not have time”. Even though I sounded like a spoiled child, I kept insisting. Discussions took place. However, I would do nothing without a compromise. We were adults and engaged. So, it would be a family decision.

We did not even have time. Both in their early twenties, working was an obsession. I had a new job. I abandoned journalism. I traded the profession for money. Furthermore, it was quite…

It took me ten years before it became a pleasure

Writing is a solitary exercise. (Photo by Vivianne Chagas)

Write when you are inspired and write when you are not. A simple statement to make. After this, many different ones came like: be relevant, be sincere, write every day, evaluate your audience, be emotional, review topics, make them identify themselves with what you write.

Well, I identify myself with those who do not say these things. That is, with almost anyone. It is an illusion to be relevant in every text. Write about why you like it. Write down why you feel like it. Certainly, these texts will be better. However, there is also the professional side of the…

Yes, we should

Photo by Koshu Kunii / Unsplash

In recent weeks, thousands of French have been to the streets against the Global Security Law sent by President Macron and, approved by the National Assembly, which ensures response instruments after the countless terrorist attacks suffered by the country in recent times.

The revolt revolves around Article 24, which establishes new rules for the performance of police forces in the country. It hinders citizens’ freedom to film and broadcast images of police actions. The punishments for those who violate the rule, range from imprisonment to the payment of fines that could reach 45 thousand euros. …

Do you know the meaning of saudade?

Leaving the infamous comfort zone (Photo by Vivianne Chagas)

Writing about homesickness can seem tacky, tiring, a beaten topic. But for those who miss something, none of it justifies. The feeling comes. It takes up a huge space. And it stays. It does not matter what you do. Then it leaves. But just by staring at a trigger. And it comes back.

It has several names. In some languages, ​​it needs to be explained. It has more than one word. Or a single one that means a world of feelings. All forms of drawing this feeling, follow the same path: that, whatever it was, it was/is good.

The lung of the planet cannot breathe

Burials at Nossa Senhora Aparecida Cemetery. (Photo by Alex Pazuello/Semcom)

Manaus is the capital of the State of Amazonas, in Brazil. You have certainly heard about the Amazon Forest, thus you will soon discover Manaus. However, it is not the forest that has been in the news in recent days. The state of Amazonas, which was widely known as the “lung of the planet”, now sees its city, Manaus, without air. Literally without oxygen to breathe. The second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic hit the residents of the state. A repetition of errors, since in the first wave, was also the most suffering state in the country.

Let us review…

Which one did you go through?

Arco da Augusta, Lisbon May 1, 2020. (Photo by Vivianne Chagas)

The world was taken aback. Humanity was threatened. Life was put in check. In a short time, the obvious became a hard rule to follow. We need each other. Each one must take care of themselves in order to take care of his neighbour. Collaborate. Do your part. Everything’s gonna be alright. Many mottos with many dilemmas.

Make a good pantry. Now enjoy your time. Be productive. Stay home, but do not stop. Learn new things. Live intensely the opportunity to reinvent yourself. Read more. Cook more. Exercise more. Think about how to help. Do your house works. Follow the…

Sim, devemos.

Foto: Unsplash

Nas últimas semanas milhares de franceses saíram às ruas contra a Lei de Segurança Global enviada pelo presidente Macron e, já aprovada pela Assembleia Nacional, que tem objetivo assegurar instrumentos de resposta após os inúmeros ataques terroristas sofridos pelo país nos últimos tempos.

A revolta gira entorno do artigo 24, que estabelece novas regras para atuação das forças policiais no país. Ele limita a liberdade dos cidadãos de filmar e difundir imagens de ações policiais. As punições para quem violar a regra, vão de prisão ao pagamento de multas que chegam a 45 mil euros, cerca de 280 mil reais…

Vivianne Chagas

Journalist, Master's student in Political Science and International Relations, specializing in Public Security and always looking for new stories.

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