Chronicle 5: Go Ahead

Vivianne Chagas
2 min readAug 6, 2020
Human Science traditions and news. (Photo by Vivianne Chagas)

When I was walking restlessly, my head full of problems on the way to the class, a church caught my attention. Not because it is one of the most beautiful churches in the world, but because it is beside the college and I have never noticed it. Churches are places that transmit calm to me. I do not speak of people. I speak of physical spaces. I believe in the energy of the purpose of this space which, for me, is peace.

At the entrance, a lady sitting on the floor begged and said she was hungry. Disbelieving her story, I passed by and went inside. Few people. Very few, at most five. The space was huge, and it seemed that each person was 500 meters away. I sat in the back and removed the headphones.

Breathing slowly and trying to feel good energy that seemed to be there, I put my hands together and asked for peace. Patience and resilience too. I thanked for everything, including the problems. There I stayed, with my eyes closed, letting myself be carried away by my thoughts.

Until an ancient lady with a beautiful white veil touched my arm. What could have been a scare, ended up not being one. I opened my eyes slowly. With a friendly smile, she said to me: “you have a lot of faith, and that is good! I do not want to disturb you, but I think it is good that you are here asking for peace. I can lend you my rosary if you want, but if you came to see Our Lady of Fátima, go ahead. She likes us to pray at her feet”.

Then she smiled, apologized, and continued strolling. I answered the call and went to her feet soon after. On the way out, I shared my money, which was meant for lunch, with the lady at the door.

*Written in 2018.



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