Chronicle: You can’t win them all

Is that true?

Vivianne Chagas
2 min readJan 12, 2022
Yes, it is my hand while photographing. Any tears falling? Maybe! (Photo by Vivianne Chagas).

When everything seems lost, when nothing is working out, when the desire to give up on everything hits you hard…look at yourself. Re-signify your desires and conquests. Is it easy? Of course, it is not. Nothing is and never will be. Comparisons with other people and situations will only make the moment more difficult. So, feel alone. Reflect. Reconsider your list. Furthermore, never forget to value what you already have.

A beautiful beginning to this text! That makes any pain seem poetic and easy to be overcome. The scene is that of the face glued to the glass of the wagon, while the rain pours down and a song plays in the background, saying things about regret or going back to the beginning. Who has not done that before? I confess that I do. I have cried with headphones on to the point where a lady asked me if I needed anything.

I almost answered her: yes, I do! I need courage, ma’am. Courage to look at all mess around me and say that’s it! This is what I must deal with. This is the result of most of my choices. Can I complain about the wrong ones? Of course, and I must. Even because blowing things up is not one of the best choices, I assure you.

But beyond complaining, I must understand. Understand each situation at this moment that bothers me. Separate what I can solve, from what is not in my hands. Like a list. From there, whether we’ll be able to resolve it is another step. Believe me, clearly identifying the issue is already a huge step towards solving it. Often stopping and looking at one of them will give us the answer.

And always keep in mind: you can’t win them all! So don’t stop celebrating each step you achieve. Celebrating small achievements can make them big. The size of your achievement is up to you. Then be proud to look at them. You did it! About me and how I cry at transport, believe me, I have come to the conclusion that in truth we always win, but not in the time we plan or the way we design. That being the case, it is sometimes a cry of celebration.



Vivianne Chagas

PhD candidate in Security and Strategy, Master in Political Science and International Relations, Journalist, and always looking for new stories.